Kickstart your life today with Salome Natural’s Premium Organic Moringa!

Moringa is an ancient superfood loaded with highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals – and is the perfect supplement to supercharge your energy levels, improve your health, and nourish your body.

Gram for gram Moringa has 10 times the Omega 3s as salmon, 9 times the protein of yogurt, 36 times the magnesium of eggs, 25 times the iron as spinach, and 17 times the calcium of milk. Try and find another highly bioavailable source that gives you all that! 

Salome Naturals Inc. is a vibrant, young, family-run company located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Invermere, British Columbia. Ten years ago we discovered an ancient wonder that has been hiding for nearly 2000 years – Moringa Oleifera – the leaves of which have been ground and dehydrated into capsules and powders. We take great pride in quality – our Moringa products are raw, organic, non-gmo, and completely vegan.



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