Moringa and Women's Health

Moringa and Women's Health

Moringa is truly mother nature's multivitamin for women.

With 92 bio-available vitamins and minerals, the benefits of our single origin, unpasteurized, organic Moringa Leaf Powder are so wide ranging that it's the perfect natural health product for women of all ages.

Did you know that multivitamins are the single most purchased natural health product on the market? They are marketed towards children, women, men, expecting mothers, the elderly, etc. Each targeted demographic is formulated to have a specific combination of vitamins and minerals that are optimal for that cohort. In theory, big pharma and various holistic health companies have come up with the perfect pill.

Consumers don’t think about what happens inside our bodies, at the cellular level, after we take our daily, often expensive, multivitamin. And that is simply because we are not educated on the finer details.

Multivitamins are formulated in a lab, with a certain percentage of each key ingredient that would rarely be found in that “perfect combination” in nature. Ingredients are often in such trace amounts that the quantity is negligible anyhow. This formula is then compressed into a pill that we may or may not even be able to digest (depending on our stomach acid and health of our gut), let alone assimilate and utilize within our cells. More often than not, our tailored multivitamin and multimineral just produces really expensive urine. What a waste!

We forget that the human body thrives off of things found in nature – like Moringa.

Salome Naturals’ organic, truly raw, therapeutic grade moringa is third party tested to be the highest of quality. Women taking our Moringa report and attest to experiencing numerous positive effects right away - not after taking it for weeks. The immediacy of these effects are, simply due to the bioavailability of our organic powder.

Moringa, it's what we do, and we do it for you!

So what does it specifically do for women of all ages that has us so excited? Read below to find out…

    1. Combats anemia - Moringa contains iron, B2, B12, folic acid and vitamin C, in perfect combination. Vitamin C increases the absorption of iron, while B2, B12, and folic acid help give you the energy to metabolize it. Your energy naturally increases as your blood stores are built back up.
    2. Supports new mothers -  250 mg twice daily of moringa leaf powder has been proven to increase breast milk production by between 150 and 160 percent!
    3. Improves the look of hair, skin, teeth, and nails - Let’s be honest...who doesn’t say Amen to this! This is simply due to the bioavailability of B vitamins that have an affinity for giving us a beauty boost, the anti-inflammatory compounds that combat aging and fight wrinkles,
    4. Boosts collagen and elastin production - We refer to Moringa as having a 360 effect because it has a strong affinity for reducing free radical damage while supporting the nutritional needs for building collagen. It contains an abundance of specific amino acids (building blocks of protein like collagen and elastin), Omega 3’s, Vitamin A, Zeatin, and B vitamin content.  
    5. Improves gut health - Digestive issues are a drag. Keeping the tissues that line your intestinal lining healthy is paramount if you want to ward off gas, bloating, indigestion, and upset stomach. Moringa helps keep your gut healthy with collagen and elastin production that helps knit tissues back together and prevent or heal leaky gut syndrome.
    6. Reduced menopausal symptoms - studies have shown that the daily consumption of moringa leaf powder severely decreased the severity of menopausal and post-menopausal symptoms. Including: hot flashes, heart discomfort, sleep issues, joint muscular discomfort, depressive mood, irritability, anxiety, physical and mental exhaustion, sexual problems, bladder issues, vaginal dryness. Check out this study by Kushwaha, Shalini and Chawla, Paramjit, 2015.
    7. Decrease your risk of Cardiovascular disease: We consider it a “man’s disease” but women are x amount of times more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke than men. Daily moringa intake, dosed throughout the day, has been certified by Health Canada to lower cholesterol.
    8. Supports healthy blood sugar management: Moringa powder, taken daily, has also been certified by Health Canada to balance and stabilize blood sugar levels. So whether or not you suffer from the “Hangries,” dizzy spells, or have been tested and diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes daily moringa consumption is right for you.
    9. Stronger bones & reduced joint pain: Moringa has an affinity for lowering inflammation in the body. Joint pain is exacerbated by inflammation. Case in point. We need calcium, and other trace minerals to help build strong bones and Moringa has got plenty of that!
    10. You can bring it everywhere!!! Our convenient stick packs come in two flavors - plain or Earthberry - so you can bring them anywhere and everywhere. Keep them in your purse, diaper bag, gym locker, desk drawer, or car glove compartment for nutrition on the go.

Whether you're looking to prolong youthfulness, decrease signs of aging, increase your sex drive, boost your energy, heal your gut, reduce joint pain, balance your blood sugar or lower cholesterol we have a moringa for you.

Try out our Premium Organic Moringa Leaf Powder in either the Earthberry or Plain flavor and stay tuned for more exciting news and recipes to follow!


  • I have taken Moringa leaf capsules for about 2 weeks. 2 in the evening. I am 48 years old, and have been post menopause for 7 years. I’m not sure the capsules are the reason why, but my have been breast hurting pretty badly, then two nights ago I realized my breast are getting a lot bigger. I am also gassy. But, I have never had my breast hurt like this, or be this large. Can anyone tell me if they have had the same experience?

    Kerrie Ramirez
  • These info are true!!! But I would like this to be added that Moringa can even very helpful in preparing women’s ovary for pregnancy. Like, I worked with a couple before who did not have children for 5 years of marriage. Then the wife read an article about the benefits of Moringa for women and how it helps women fertility.She decided that we should eat Moringa like on a daily basis. We did it for the entire year and true enough ,she did conceived the next year!!!

    Joan Hounlessodji

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