Moringa & Heart Health

Moringa & Heart Health

Did you know that while Moringa is getting busy energizing every cell in your body it's also reducing your risk of heart disease??

According to recent research heart disease is now the leading cause of death in Canada, so let's get our Heart on for Moringa!

Moringa is so nutritionally dense and supports the heart in so many different ways it was hard to pick just a few key points, but here goes...

  • A very interesting study has shown that (8g) of Moringa daily can reduce LDL by 29% over 40 days thus lowering the risk of developing heart disease. 
  • Moringa being very high in iron helps facilitate the production of hemoglobin which plays a very heart supportive role and contributes to higher blood oxygen levels. It is well known that low blood oxygen levels are a major risk factor that contributes to heart disease.
  • Several lovely bioactive compounds found in extracts of Moringa leaves have been shown to stabilize blood pressure levels which harmoniously correspond with protection against heart disease.
Those are just a few of the many reasons to keep taking your Moringa daily and to share it with your family! Annnnd, today being Happy Heart Day (and our sons 3rd birthday! yay!), we wanted to share a little love with all of you! From now until Feb 28th, 2018 you can use code HAPPYHEART to get yourself 50% off a box of plain stick packs with the purchase of a bottle of 120 caps or 240g powder.


Here's to a healthy heart and a happy mind!

Miel & Kirk



  • I take Vit D3 5000, Vit K, Collagen, Vit C Milk Thistle and now Moringa. Can I be overdosing by adding Moringa. Please advise via email. I’m insulin resistent but controlled by low carb diet.

    Karin Telo
  • Thank you for the very helpful tips and thoughts about moringa…:) Please, keep me informed about health benefits of moringa leaves..

    Ruby C. Esclamado

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