Our Source

Our Moringa leaf is grown, harvested and processed in an area of India that has been growing Moringa for decades. It's perfectly suited to producing high-quality organic Moringa, packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.
The farm we harvest our Moringa from is a certified USDA organic farm which is exclusive to us, and we have taken great care in researching the family, their farm, their practices and their philosophy before selecting them. Each leaf is picked, and shipped a short distance to a certified organic processor. They are then dehydrated at a super-low temperature preserving the nutrients in the leaf, and shipped directly to us.
At no point is our Moringa treated with pesticides, irradiated, or pasteurized – which is why our Moringa is always a strong, vibrant green, and tastes sweet, lively and fruity.
If you're new to Moringa we recommend trying the Moringa Starter Pack, which has a great assortment of products for you to sample.