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Tristan Cameron-Harper

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My name is Tristan Cameron-Harper, l am Scottish, l have played Ice Hockey for 21years, 7 years professional which has taken me many places around the world meeting amazing people, some that l never imagined would make such an impact on me.

l love the outdoors & everything connected with the outdoors, one of my main goals eventually is to build a self-sustainable eco-environment in the north of Scotland with nothing but positive vibes.

I got to a point in my hockey career which led me to a stage of really wanting to separate myself from the sports industry, which can be extremely toxic behind closed doors & push myself where l feel most free, climbing mountains & being in nature. I get a sense of freedom being in the outdoors, understanding more each time not only about my surroundings but deep within myself & how connected us humans are to the planet earth.

Understanding my surroundings, what it is, why its there is something that has always interested me. l love to keep myself physical & mentally fit challenging myself in any way that makes my adrenaline pump. With the practice of meditation, yoga, constantly trying to understand the biology of plants, how important they are to humanity, something l am a strong believer in & for me l am forever experimenting with how they affect us not only on the inside but especially on the outside & our surroundings.

I want to make a difference in this world and by being a part of the Salome Naturals' Ambassador program l believe is a way that we can make change which l hope will make a ripple effect helping people wake up :)